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We are proud to have served several resorts, vessels and island communities since our establishment. Following are some of the vessels we have provided bunkers in Maldives. Some of these vessels especially operating within the Maldives are regular clients, and some visitng yatchs contact us before their call in Maldives.

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Safari Vessels

  • MV. Sting Ray
  • MV. Eagle Ray
  • MV. Nautilus I
  • MV. Blue Shark
  • MV. Blue Shark II

Cargo Vessels

  • FV. Marine Ocean
  • MV. Marc Sajinda
  • MV. Badhaaveli
  • MT. Mareena Mercury


  • SY. Liberty
  • SY. Blue Leaped
  • SY. Imagine
  • SY. Larcardinala
  • SY. Thunder
  • SY. Lady Guinerver
  • SY. Mango Tango
  • SY. Topaz
  • SY. Persimmon
  • SY. Black Wattle
  • SY Gissel of London
  • SY. Kathaya
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