Aaru Pvt.Ltd.Services

Bunkering & Ship Agency

Luxury Yacht

Being a physical bunker supplier, we know that “Time means Money”. We have a team of dedicated staff who are capable of racing against the clock to protect our principles’ interests and assure our clients “Problem Free “service. We can supply bunkers from the smallest yacht to the largest cargo, tanker or passenger vessel calling ports here in the Maldives.

The types of fuel available through us are:

  • Fuel
    • MGO
    • ULG
  • Lubricants
    • Castroll
    • Shell Oil
    • Esso
  • Fresh Water

Ship Agency Services

AARU is providing full range of agency services for the visiting yachts, cargo vessels, and navy vessels, cruise liners and oil tankers in the port of Maldives

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